Boho chic is a fashion trend that has been around for several decades and has its origins in Paris. Characterized by a mix of different cultural influences, the style is known for being free spirited and relaxed and eclectic looks. Especially in recent years, the boho style has regained popularity and many fashion designers, influencers and artists have dedicated themselves to the trend.

In recent years, the boho style has regained popularity, with many fashion designers, celebrities, and influencers embracing the trend. This has led to an increasing demand for boho-inspired clothing and accessories, with many high street and online retailers now offering a wide range of boho-inspired clothing.

What is typical for boho?

The boho style has a very wide range of style elements with two large sections. On the one hand, there is the boho style that is known for its colorful elements. Most of these garments have ethnic, floral or paisley patterns. On the other hand, there are also rather simpler, partly monochromatic boho outfits. These then usually captivate with sewing or embroidery and can be provided with beads or tassels.

The boho look is associated with a feeling of freedom and wanderlust. This makes it a popular choice for those looking to express their individuality and creativity.

How to wear boho dresses

There are no limits here. The boho style can be combined very individually. A combination of boots mixed with a leather clutch with fringes is common. In addition, boho outfits are often combined with cool hats or flower headbands.

With simpler boho dresses, you often captivate with the all the more eye-catching statement jewelry and combine, for example, simpler, white outfits with oversized earrings or bracelets.

nachhaltiges blaues Maxikleid im Bohostil

When do you wear boho outfits?

Since boho dresses sometimes have strong colors or often shades of white, this style is primarily worn in the spring and summer months. The clothes are very common in popular holiday destinations such as Mallorca or Ibiza. Unfortunately, the outfits there are often of inferior quality, are made of polyester and are manufactured under questionable conditions in Asian countries.

With so many celebrities wearing boho dresses, boho chic themed celebrations are on the rise too. These themed celebrations range from summer parties to weddings. Boho outfits can therefore also be worn at garden parties or summer wedding parties.

Boho style as a fashion trend 2023

This year shows that the boho chic trend is unbroken. Coachella style guides, summer fashion trends from the most well-known fashion blogs in the world and also the wearing of influencers show that boho dresses will once again be at the top of the wish list this year. The first fashion shows in 2023 show that this time there will be particularly colorful combinations. Blue and pink tones in particular stand out here.

Sustainable clothing in boho style

After the boho style has become more and more of a trend in recent years, some fast fashion brands have also picked up this trend. Unfortunately, these clothes are produced under bad conditions and with poor quality. For this reason we have decided to produce high-quality boho dresses from recycled and sustainably grown raw materials and to tailor them in Europe. Our entire supply chain takes place in Europe and this enables us to reduce our water consumption and CO2 emissions by at least 50%.