bye. bellas

I'm Nina, the founder of ciao.

Over the past year I have visited numerous fabric producers and tailors in the EU to create the perfect sustainable boho dresses.

The result is beautiful dresses in silky soft satin fabric made from 50% recycled viscose and 50% organic viscose. This reduces our water consumption and CO2 emissions by 50%.

Zero plastic use: No polyester in our fabrics, not even recycled, not even in the threads, not even to store our clothes in the warehouse.

Reduced carbon footprint : All our fabrics come from Spain and all garments are made in Romania. This way we have a much shorter supply chain than other fashion houses.

Certified Fabrics: All of our fabrics are certified and all of our viscose is organic. In this way we guarantee the well-being of the environment, the safety of workers and reduced water consumption in production. By choosing our fabrics, we can reduce water consumption and CO2 emissions by 50% each compared to the conventional use of viscose.

Family-owned factories : We visited each and every one of our partner factories and manufacturers and met the owners. In this way we ensure that the workplace is neat and safe and that employees are treated well.