Why we at ciao. have implemented a "No Sales Discounts" policy:

50 percent on the entire offer! With such advertising slogans, companies attract people every day. But how do the customers who bought the same products at full price feel? What is the value of the product(s)?

Personally, I have often been in such a situation where I paid full price and only a few days later the same product was sold at a much lower price. The purchased products no longer seemed so valuable and I also felt "betrayed" by the brand. 😤

For this reason we have ciao. introduced a "No Sales Discounts" policy.

What is that, you might be wondering? 🧐
Very simple: 💡
We focus on selling the value we bring to each customer. Our "No Sales Discounts" policy is about not trying to train people to wait for a discount.

The overriding idea is that we have a clear stance on our pricing. Our product is worth its standard price and the fairest price on the market.
We won't be doing clearance sales, but we do offer free shipping and pre-launch pricing. So promotions, but no discounts.

And why?
It is not sustainable ❌
Regular discounts are not sustainable for a brand or for the planet. When brands with products that start at low prices tend to use discounts as a marketing ploy, they have to cut back on manufacturing to compensate.

Brands that constantly give discounts often fail to offer their employees a fair wage. This means that their employees are often the ones who have to offset the ''discount policy''.

What is your opinion on this approach? I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this. 🤔
July 05, 2022 — Matthias Strafinger