Hip artists, bright colors and creative looks set the mood at festivals, but the right style is very important for many festival-goers. From playful boho dresses to laid-back denim jackets, keen festival-goers tend to start preparing their wardrobe well in advance. Festival outfits should not only match your personality, but also be practical. This is the only way for all open-air fans to enjoy the festival despite the wind, rain and sun. The 2023 festival season is just around the corner and we'll show you which outfits you can wear to draw attention to yourself.

The boho style is playing an increasingly important role. Boho style is a fashion direction that is characterized by artistic and unconventional lifestyles. It takes its name from the bohemians of Paris and combines different cultures, patterns and styles. These vintage, folk and ethno elements are perfect for any festival.

Amalfi tie top

Festivals are a time to express your personal style and have fun with your wardrobe. The strong shade of blue of the Amalfi Tie Top and the bold pattern are just the thing. The top can be tied flexibly as desired. The cap sleeves look particularly cool at open air events because they drape so beautifully when there is a draft. The tie tops are also available in other variants.

Siena short wrap dress

Summer fashion trends are often inspired by open air festivals. One tries to radiate positivity and a zest for life, which is particularly successful with bright colors. The short wrap dress Siena is no exception and impresses with a beautiful paisley pattern and soft pink tones. In general, we see that short wrap dresses have become increasingly popular in recent years. This trend will continue to gain traction in 2023.

cowboy boots

Boots are part of every festival outfit. Not only do they look great and are comfortable, they also protect you from too many stomping feet. Personally, I love cowboy boots (which are part of an iconic outfit) and I prefer to buy mine at vintage and second-hand stores. If you come from Vienna like me, then I can particularly recommend Burggasse24 and the Humana Stores.

From Coachella to Lollapalooza, Blundstone boots will get you through any music festival looking and feeling great. Comfortable to dance through the day, durable to withstand lots of stamping feet and a visit on a portable potty, they're a dependable companion that musicians and festival-goers swear by. And did we mention the iconic style?

Rocker outfit

Depending on the festival direction, I'm also a fan of quite simple combination outfits. For example, a rocker outfit. What do I mean by that? Just short denim shorts with a dark oversized t-shirt (preferably from a band), cowboy boots and simple Ray Ban sunglasses and the outfit is complete.

Venice cloth

For 2-3 years they have been totally in fashion again. Originally intended as scarves, you can also wrap them around your head or simply use them as a top. The Venice cloth is particularly suitable as a top because it is made of 100% sustainable materials and is completely plastic-free. Of course, it is only suitable as a top if the bust size is not too large.

I hope we could help you with your outfit inspo. If you want to see more outfit ideas, click here.

January 25, 2023 — Nina Nossal