We were in Mallorca for a week to get our first clothes for ciao. to shoot. What can I say... see for yourself! 😍

We not only had an incredibly fun time (Aperol o'clock was taken very seriously), but also a really successful one. With the two models Justeny & Anabel we had found a perfect duo. Not only incredibly beautiful from the outside, but also sweet and kind-hearted people!

We were also accompanied by the incredibly talented Amelie Strobl, who has been a photographer since she was 14 (and very successfully).

model from Vienna in a beautiful summer outfit for festivals, parties, birthdays and much more! Bright colors and sustainably produced in Europe under fair working conditions. Crop top, bandeau and palazzo pants for summer

She shot most of the product photos on the website. Thanks to all 3 for the great time and I am very happy that you are part of the ciao.family!

Kisses from Spain

June 14, 2022 — Nina Nossal