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The most beautiful summer dresses 2023

🧊 The cooling effect of the organic viscose ensures that the dresses are comfortable to wear even in midsummer.

🌱 Our clothes are free of chemicals and therefore particularly gentle on the skin.

💃 The silky soft fabric nestles perfectly against your body. The cords allow you to decide how you wear the dress.

⭐ With a satisfaction rate of 97%, our customers are enthusiastic about our dresses

Fair fashion label from Vienna - that's ciao.

Beautiful dresses that not only look good, but also feel good.

We use a silky soft viscose fabric that is 50% recycled and 50% organic. This reduces water consumption and CO2 emissions by 50% each.

All garments are also made with love and fairly in Europe.

Boho Chic: Maxikleider und Wickelkleider entdecken

Der Bohostil stammt ursprünglich aus Frankreich und steht für Offenheit, Freiheitsgefühl und nachhaltige Lebensweisen. Mit unseren einzigartigen Designs und nachhaltigen stoffen bringen wir diese Elemente wieder zurück.